V.92 presents key enhancements to the V.90 56K technology, including Modem On Hold, V.44, Quick Connect,
and PCM Upstream. Each of these enhancements represents a push forward to a more user-friendly dial-up experience.

         Modem on Hold allows you to put your internet connection on hold while you take or make a
telephone call.
Modem on Hold enables "broadband-like" voice and data services over the same
telephone lines, at a much more reasonable dial-up price.

         Quick Connect shortens the length of time it takes your modem to negotiate its connection
to your ISP by about half.

         v.44 compression allows you to get greater effective transmission rates than without v.44 even
though the electrical connection remains the same. In tests comparing v.42bis - the current
compression protocol - and v.44 in normal web-browsing conditions, v.44 out-performed v.42
by up to 60%. This extra compression allows you to achieve greater data throughput even though
your connection speed remains the same.

         PCM Upstream allows "56K"-like uploads as well. Using v.90, the maximum upload speed is
31.2Kbps; under v.92 it is possible to upload at speeds up to 48Kbps. This is important to users
who send email, audio, and other applications that depend on transmitting data.

Requirement for using this new technology:

         You have to have v.92/v.44 modem

         Use an Access number that has v.92 type if available.

         If not available, let us know and we will check for upgrade in your area.

Is your modem v.92/v.44 capable?
Possibly. v.92-capable modems have been on the market since 2000/2001, so if you have a new modem
it may already have support for v.92. Even if your modem doesn't currently support v.92, several of the most
popular modem manufacturers already have v.92/v.44 equiped drivers available for their older modems. If you
have an upgradable modem manufactured by one of these companies, all you need to do is download and
install the driver update and you're ready to go.

What do you need for Modem-on-Hold?
Call waiting on your line, as provided by your local telephone company, a v.92-capable modem, and a
software modem-on-hold client installed on your computer. You can probably expect this software to come
packaged with your modem's drivers.

How does Modem-on-Hold work?
Modem-on-Hold works much like the current call-waiting used in voice conversations. If you receive a call
while you're online, the modem-on-hold client will prompt you to take or ignore the call. If you choose to take
the call, just pick up the telephone. If you want to make a call, the modem-on-hold client will allow you to
suspend your modem connection in the same way. Your modem connection will hold for five minutes while
you're on the phone. If this time is exceeded your internet connection will be lost. When you're finished with
your conversation, just hang up the telephone and your modem connection will resume.